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Pensive Peter Salmon

Proof of Pudding

What discerning judges have said about The Coffee Story

'It's been a while since I read a first novel that felt as universally accomplished as Peter Salmon's The Coffee Story' - Toby Litt

'I was constantly intoxicated by a sense of desire & loss' - Jake Arnott

'Wild and raucous... an extraordinarily accomplished debut' - Niall Griffiths

'Reminiscent of Phillip Roth's Everyman. But it's much, much funnier' - Sydney Morning Herald

'An exceptional debut' - Martyn Bedford

Hard Sell

St Etheldreda’s Church

St Etheldreda’s Church, Ely Place.

Great fun yesterday – those who follow me on twitter will know that I have been celebrating the feast . . . → Read More: St Etheldreda’s Church

The Flanders Road by Claude Simon

Claude Simon likes a laugh

Time. It’s a bastard, pace Proust, pace Wagner. How do you capture its mercurial, telescoping, objective, subjective, historical, anti-historical . . . → Read More: The Flanders Road by Claude Simon

Pasolini in New Humanist

Researching the film Salo for an article in the summer edition of New Humanist (out now!) has sent me back to the films of Pasolini, . . . → Read More: Pasolini in New Humanist