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Pensive Peter Salmon

Proof of Pudding

What discerning judges have said about The Coffee Story

'It's been a while since I read a first novel that felt as universally accomplished as Peter Salmon's The Coffee Story' - Toby Litt

'I was constantly intoxicated by a sense of desire & loss' - Jake Arnott

'Wild and raucous... an extraordinarily accomplished debut' - Niall Griffiths

'Reminiscent of Phillip Roth's Everyman. But it's much, much funnier' - Sydney Morning Herald

'An exceptional debut' - Martyn Bedford

Hard Sell

This Is A Pipe

‘Tom Collins’ aka Joseph Furphy

I’ve just finished reading Such is Life by Tom Collins and will have much to say about it – . . . → Read More: This Is A Pipe

Launch of Strange Bedfellows

Strange Bedfellows

Today sees the official launch of the Strange Bedfellows website, which ‘brings together academics, creative practitioners’, those who inhabit both spheres, and . . . → Read More: Launch of Strange Bedfellows

Wheels of Cheese #18: Jacqueline du Pre plays Monn and Haydn

Quite possibly Georg Matthias Monn!

I like Georg Matthias Monn. We know very little about him, and when I say ‘we’ I mean me . . . → Read More: Wheels of Cheese #18: Jacqueline du Pre plays Monn and Haydn