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Proof of Pudding

What discerning judges have said about The Coffee Story

'It's been a while since I read a first novel that felt as universally accomplished as Peter Salmon's The Coffee Story' - Toby Litt

'I was constantly intoxicated by a sense of desire & loss' - Jake Arnott

'Wild and raucous... an extraordinarily accomplished debut' - Niall Griffiths

'Reminiscent of Phillip Roth's Everyman. But it's much, much funnier' - Sydney Morning Herald

'An exceptional debut' - Martyn Bedford

Hard Sell


Tristan Tzara in happier times

Tremendously excited that The Coffee Story is to be discussed tonight at a book group that is a part of the Zurich International Women’s Association. As a first time novelist I still get a thrill that people are even reading my book, let alone discussing it. If you have a book group and would like to read me and discuss me, do email – I’m not one of those terrible aloof writers who ignores his readers (I’m looking at you, James Joyce). I’m happy to not only send suggested conversation topics (as i have for the Zurich group) but also to attend the session where my work is discussed, drink your wine, sleep on your couch for a couple of weeks, maybe make a pass at one of your friends, and then leave, clutching a bottle of wine and a few choice pieces of silverware.

To my shame, I know little about Zurich, but wikipedia assures me that three of its most famous residents have been Albert Einstein, Tina Turner, and Tristan Tzara. Now that’s a band I would pay good money to see!

Grüsse, Merci vielmal, as my new friend Claire is wont to say.

(If you’re a woman, and live in Zurich, you should go here http://www.ziwa.com/)


Oxfam Webcam Logjam Jam

Oxfam Webcam

Devoted readers of this site will remember that about a month ago I saw my novel in a charity shop for the first time – The Oxfam in Highgate to be precise. Well, excitingly, today I revisited the shop and was exultant to note that the book remains as it was, with all the fine denizens of that fair city deciding their £3 elsewhere (I suspect the tea and scone deal at High Tea of Highgate across the road may be hoving of some of my custom – well, all of it). As I am now slightly obsessed with how long it will sit there, I took the opportunity to ask the staff if I might set up a small webcam to track its progress. The image at left may look like a still pic, but is in fact a live cam. Do drop back often and see what happens ONLINE at what people are already calling The Oxfam Webcam Logjam Jam!

Hotting Up!

This Could Be You!

The ‘Like Peter Salmon Writer’ facebook competition is hotting up! Only a month to go before I draw five lucky winners of signed copies of The Coffee Story from the people who have liked me! If you haven’t already time is very, very slowly running out. And if you have, one way to minimise your chances of winning is to tell all your friends so they like me too! Be like the woman in the photo, except holding a copy of my book! It’s reasonably exciting!