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Pensive Peter Salmon

Proof of Pudding

What discerning judges have said about The Coffee Story

'It's been a while since I read a first novel that felt as universally accomplished as Peter Salmon's The Coffee Story' - Toby Litt

'I was constantly intoxicated by a sense of desire & loss' - Jake Arnott

'Wild and raucous... an extraordinarily accomplished debut' - Niall Griffiths

'Reminiscent of Phillip Roth's Everyman. But it's much, much funnier' - Sydney Morning Herald

'An exceptional debut' - Martyn Bedford

Hard Sell

Georges Perec at the University of Queensland

perecI was fascinated to find out recently that the brilliant French writer, Georges Perec, author of books such as Life A Users Manual and A Void (a novel written entirely without the letter ‘e’) spent a month as writer-in-residence at Australia’s University of Queensland in late 1981, a few months before his death.

I’ve been lucky enough to talk to a number of people who were part of his visit, and who shared their memories of this unique writer.

The article is published by the Sydney Review of Books here.

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